Bio + Artist Statement

I was born and raised in the backwoods of Northeastern Minnesota, but am now deeply rooted in the Pacific Northwest. As an interdisciplinary artist, I create site-specific installations often with a participatory element.

My current body of work explores the pedestrian experience within rapidly changing built environments and how our perception of place is informed by our surroundings. As the urban core develops, buildings rise in areas that were once open and spacious. Neighborhoods are littered with construction sites, exposing architectural frameworks and superstructures. My work distills these forms revealed through the building process into cut paper. The imagery—depicted as void and layered or segmented and then reanimated with light and shadow—expresses the temporality of our surroundings and memories of how things were. 

Utilizing lines and angles familiar to architectural frameworks of transitioning urban landscapes, my work replicates the experience of a pedestrian navigating the built world. I create visual and physical obstacles through layering, repetition, and material selection, shaping how the viewer moves through an installation much like active construction influences our movement through cityscapes. The work utilizes forced-perspective, shifts in scale, and varied linear repetition to reveal distinct architectural character and vantage points. Using light as an active component in the work, the immaterial projections and shadows embody the ever-changing, ephemeral nature of our contemporary urban environments.